Walk through the garden Wednesday! 6/29

Ok, so it’s actually Thursday! All the pictures were taken yesterday though, so it kinda counts! We were busy in the garden until it was dark last night, because it was such a nice evening! And then I came home and baked some cookies for the boy who just got braces!

Anyway, back to the garden!! Turns out that the crazy lady that planted the beans (that’s me!) put in a row of pole beans! So, I got to make a trellis!


Who put the pole beans here?!?! 

The tomatoes are growing so well and all are staked at this point! I believe we have some cherry tomatoes growing! But, they volunteered to grow there, so who really knows!


My tomatoes!

Last year was my first time growing muskmelons (cantaloupes), but they were so amazingly good that I had to give them a go again this year! And they are blooming, so that’s great!


Search for those blooms!!

I showed my husband my nearly dead potatoes with excitement and he asked why was I excited?!?! Because you can harvest them very soon! I learned last year that homegrown potatoes taste way better than store bought!


Almost ready to harvest! 

And up at the grandparents garden, also know as the weediest garden that I have ever seen, everything is growing well! Those beautiful rows of beans were so much work to weed! Thank goodness that we have 6 hands ready to work!


Rows of green beans!

The beans up there are even blooming already! So, should I start thinking about delicious green beans and potatoes?!?? Well I am!


Soon to be green beans!

Of course I am having to deal with some pests: cucumber beetles are trying to live in the pumpkins and lay eggs and Mexican bean beetles (who look very much like ladybugs) have been spotted on my green beans! So, definitely keeping a close watch on everything!!


This is my happy place!

And since it is the last day of the month I will be giving an update this weekend on how we did in June!

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