Productive weekend!

This weekend was cooler and I swear I could smell fall in the air. And, the leaves were blowing through the air! I have a love/hate relationship with that season. I love the cool and crisp air, apples and fall activities. But, knowing winter is on the way bums me out!

I started off by spending at least 6 hours pulling weeds, putting down newspaper and putting mulch on top. So much work, and I have 3 more sides, but it’s looking so much better!

Less weeds!!

Less weeds!!

I transplanted so many, like 60 strawberry plants into their new home. I probably have at least 60 more plants that needs a new home! 🙂

So many strawberries!

So many strawberries!

I harvested another pumpkin, and I love the shape of this one! This one has potential for being chosen as the carved pumpkin. I like having lots of extras because the chickens love pumpkins and they especially love them when it’s cold outside and it’s something different.


Another pumpkin!

I found this praying mantis in the garden. It was a big one for sure! Don’t worry, it went right back to where it was captured!

S/he was huge!!

S/he was huge!!

I took the last of the tomatoes and turned them into spaghetti sauce. This will taste so much better in winter instead of the store stuff!

Pressure canned spaghetti sauce

Pressure canned spaghetti sauce

We are huge weekend warriors here on our tiny homestead!

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