Wednesday walk through the garden 9/16

Another Wednesday in the books at school. I got the most amazing compliment today! It is that I have encouraged others to take the plunge into gardening and preserving their harvest. Amazing!!

We still are harvesting loads of tomatoes! We are well over the the 200 lb mark! So much spaghetti sauce/salsa/crushed tomatoes! And I’m still giving away the extra cherry tomatoes!

Funky tomato!!

Funky tomato!!


Still harvesting tomatoes!

I have 2 sides weeded and mulched. I’m thinking I’m going to be growing some pumpkins in this area next year!

A couple less weeds

A couple less weeds

Pumpkins are the biggest things that we are harvesting here! Can’t wait to give one to the hens! They love them!

More green pumpkins!

More green pumpkins!

I had another garden friend today. Well, actually, it is a garden foe. It’s a doe looking right at me while I garden. There was a buck over there too!

I spy with my little eye...

I spy with my little eye…

Our newest pumpkin

Our newest pumpkin

Fall is creeping up on us and my newest goal is having my garden cleaned up and ready for the spring. I will be doing more crafting and less gardening as the weather cools! So, I will be sharing some craftiness in the future!

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