Imperfect review #2

Box number 2 arrived a day late, but in perfect shape. The funny part is that it wasn’t late due to the company. It was due to the weather. It snowed around 4 inches quickly on Tuesday! But, it still arrived nice and cold and everything looked great! (Plus they credited our account a couple bucks for the inconvenience!)

So, what came in the box?!

This is the 1-2 person box!

We received mostly what we requested. We wanted a mango, but it wasn’t available. (We were refunded) and we asked for a delicata squash, and it was substituted with a butternut. (Anyone have a favorite butternut recipe? Drop it in the comments)

So far we turned the lettuce, some spinach, a tomato and the chicken into chicken salads. They were delicious!

The oranges and kiwi will be enjoyed in our lunches. The potatoes and onions will be some sides for something hamburger-ish meal.

I want to slice and bake those huge carrots. I’ll have to report back on how those turn out!

And we use brown rice and sweet potatoes in the homemade dog food that we make. This guy is allergic to so much!

Another favorite part of these boxes is that I can try out different produce before I try growing it. The acorn squash is being tried out before we grow it this summer. I’m hoping that we like it! I think they are so pretty!

Next week we are skipping a box to make sure that we use up everything that came in! (Another thing that I love about this company!)

Overall, very happy with box #2!!

One thought on “Imperfect review #2

  1. Butternut squash soup is my favourite. I don’t have a recipe as such – just onions, sautéd first, then squash and potatoes with stock, which is liquidised once the vegetables have cooked. Sometimes I roast the vegetables first. And of course there are any number of seasonings which can be added.


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