No Spend Year November Update

It turns out that not spending money blows people’s minds. They have no idea how staying home, making meals here and avoiding purchases would be possible. But, here we are, chilling out the house, shopping thrift stores and very rarely eating out. Recently I had to go to Kohl’s to buy my long legged 13 year old dress pants and we both did not enjoy shopping. It was foreign to us, but I had a gift card to use on those pants! And, they cost us $0 using that gift card!

So, we have been spending some money on our crafting. I’ve been using what I already have, but also creating new things like our honey suckers. It allows us to give lots of Christmas presents that are homemade and make money on the extras! I can use some of that earned money on the few gifts that we are purchasing!

Other than spending lots of time crafting, I have also been composting pumpkins like it’s my job! Why?! Because this will become garden food for the gardens and will help us produce lots of food! So, that’s well worth our time!

I unfortunately ripped a huge hole in my favorite jeans when picking up pumpkins. I’m going to do my best to find a pair second hand, but at least I have a second backup pair. And, I’m going to try to fix my original pair!

And checkout this awesome vest that was on the free table at school! I love finds like this:

Although the picture below looks like I eat alone, that never happens. I just took the picture before anyone joined me! But anyway, packing a lunch saves a ton of money! Plus, I swear leftovers taste better the next day!

This year for Christmas we are focusing on spending time with people instead of overspending. I love that my parents and brother don’t have to stress about buying gifts for each other. We get the kids something practical and spend more time together!

And, we decided to not buy wrapping paper and have been using my parent’s newspaper instead! And it can even be recycled afterwards!

We are slowly paying off our solar panel loan and our mortgage might just be paid off in less than 2 years! I can’t even imagine being debt free by 40, but it might just happen!

Do you have some financial goals? We started with paying off small debts and working that debt snowball towards our larger debts. Don’t let a setback make you give up! Keep pushing forward!

7 thoughts on “No Spend Year November Update

    • I’m glad that you found us too! Thank you for your kind words! This journey towards living with less and trying to be debt free can definitely seem like an uphill battle! Keep following along! 😊


  1. also, if you save your pumpkin stems and dry them you can make recycled fabric pumpkins. I made over 40 this year using recycled clothing and old washed polyfil. I had to use sticks for the stems but people love the ones made with real stems and they are quite pricey on Etsy and on blog shops. I gave mine as gifts this year and plan to sell them next year.


  2. Great job!! I love reading your blog and about the projects, including your amazing no spend months. It’s very inspiring to see how you go about it. Keep up the great job and letting us in on it! By the way, I need your secret for your energetic lifestyle. Your always doing something cool with the energy of a teenager! Cheers, Stacey @crazycrowfarm


    • I love that you read my blog! This last month will be the hardest with minimal spending! And there are plenty of days that I don’t get too much done! I just always have an idea of what I want to get accomplished every week and plow through! Thanks for following our journey!


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