Weekend walk through the garden! 7/21

Hello all!! Gardening has been on the back burner because I have spent 30 hours at the fairgrounds volunteering towards my Master Gardener hours! I’m pretty much finished with my hours for this year!


I’ve talked so much about plants, bees and composting this week! 

Lucky for me, the plants have been enjoying the hot weather and rain today! Here are a few of the great things growing in the big garden:


One of the cantaloupe 


There are so many dancing gourds


A pie pumpkin!


The tomato jungle, corn and luffa on the fence 


A scarlet runner bean 


My first ground cherry! And it was delicious! 


Pole beans poling! 


Spaghetti squash 


Volunteer pumpkin plant 


Apple melon! 

And the haul from the garden today! I even found a few blackberries growing by the sheds!


Nice haul today! 

What is growing well in your garden? My zucchini plants are starting to fizzle out a bit and I’m going to start my seeds for the fall garden this week! Keep blooming! 🌱❤️


2 thoughts on “Weekend walk through the garden! 7/21

    • They are very good! I’m going to try to make some pickles with them again this year! Last year they got all shriveled, but I probably messed something up! Going to try, try again!


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