Garden happenings, beekeeping and lots of work

I’m elated to say that this week is my last week of school and from here on out I will be busy taking on all this homesteading!

I’ll start with my beekeeping fun. All the hives seem to be doing well and are laying lots of eggs. The newest swarm that I got has been really busy laying eggs! Great job on picking that queen!

You can see the brood! 

When we pulled the hive out of the tree being cut down, we put some frames of their brood in there to help get them started and attached them to the frame with rubber bands. Well, they showed me how much they liked those bands!

They don’t like the rubber bands

The mister has a friend that has a ton of bamboo growing in their yard. That stuff is so invasive and grows too fast! But, they let us cut some for free to turn into tomato stakes and a green bean teepee!


Around the homestead we have been gathering lots of eggs and some delicious strawberries!

Homegrown food! 

The mycelium from the winecap mushrooms are really enjoying this wet weather!

Fabulous fungi!

I was also given a fixer upper kind of project by a friend! Her camera strap was looking sad and needed recovered! So, 30 minutes later, I had removed the old fabric and made it pretty again!

Pretty again camera strap! 

The solar panels did great last month!! Our bill was for only $8.16 and we even got a credit back for over $80 from previous months!

Solar is kicking butt!! 

So that’s a quick update here on our tiny plot of land in the middle of a small town!

It’s planting season!

This weekend was the perfect planting weather, cooler with rain showers in sight! I planted tons of tomato plants, a few luffa gourds, cucumelons, popcorn and relocated a few tomatoes and pumpkin plants.

Newer garden area

I also relocated the two pumpkin plants that didn’t succumb to a hard frost to a better area. They are going to grow around the popcorn plants! (Hopefully!)

Volunteer pumpkin plant 

The birdhouse gourds are coming up nicely! Once they get a good bit larger, they are going out to grow some more birdhouses. We sold almost all of the ones that we grew last year!

Birdhouse gourds

I’m shocked to see that the potatoes are blooming already. They still have at least another month before harvesting them, but they are liking the weather so far this growing season.

Potato blooms

I also took some time during this dreary day to get around to sewing! I made my itty bitty niece a sun bonnet. The first is 6-12 months and the next one is 12-18 months. Oh, and yes I had to use a stuffed pup as a model!

6-12 month size 
12-18 month size 

I might just have to add some bonnets to the Etsy store! They would fit in well with the homestead theme.

Today we also ran up to a native plant sale for a school project. Lots of work ahead in the next week!

Native plants

And we also had to finally throw out our 3rd bag of trash of the year this weekend.

#3 for the year! 

So, still a slow season here! But, we have lots of great ideas and work ahead for us! And yes, garden work makes me excited for the week! I hope that you all have a lot of fun ahead of you!

Greenfest, gardening, mushrooms and swarms

Happy Mother’s Day weekend and I must say that this weekend was so busy! But, it was a great kind of busy. On Friday I spent the evening prepping everything for  Saturday’s Greenfest in Boonsboro, Md while the mister took the boy to go see Guardians of the Galaxy. (By the way, they said it was great!)

It was a really cold craft show, but we sold a good bit of our crafted items!

Our craft show items!

I sold several gardening aprons, and got lots of compliments on them as well! And I still have 2 in the print below and will be adding them to the Etsy store!

Love this gardening apron! 

And the mister got a lot of compliments on the railroad spike bottle openers as well as the bolt bottle openers! And I love the garden spades!

Garden spades and bolt bottle opener

The mister was also able to get the itty bitty greenhouse all set up! Since I managed to accidentally bake my original seedlings, round 2 seedlings are in the greenhouse!


And we got our first strawberry tonight! I bet you can guess who wanted it! But the boy actually got it and said it was delicious!

Fruit and veggie thief!

I don’t want to jinx myself, but the mushroom spawn seems to be spreading out well and looks very healthy!

Mushroom spawn!

Then, just tonight, I had 2 calls for bee swarms! The first one seemed to be some bees that are taking up residence in a house. I’m not sure if I can get them to move out of there! But the second call was a beautiful swarm!

Honeybee swarm!

I was able to get pretty much every bee! And I’m hoping they learn to love it here!

I was able to get a few minutes of relaxation on the new hammock with my lazy pup!


It was a great weekend and it might take until Wednesday for me to get caught up around the house! I really do love all this fun homesteading life of ours!

Enjoying this regular week

You know how you have a totally normal 5 day week. Everything is just, well, normal. Same work, nothing special, blah, blah, blah. Well, I’m enjoying this normality!

First off, I bought some quail eggs for the kindergarten at my school to hatch out and they did! I actually got to see one enter this world. It was a beautiful sight!

Over the weekend my momma told me that she is finished with cleaning out my Granny’s home. Then, she gifted this amazing hooked rug that was handmade by my Granny:

Granny made rug

I also finally got around to making some Birdseye unpaper (or cloth) towels. We have been paper towel free for a couple years! These are being tested now by us, so if they pass the test, they will be for sale on our etsy shop!

Unpaper towels

Spoiler alert 🚨: this summer we are going package free, so we are trying to make the things we normally buy packaged. So, just yesterday we made some crackers. The boy is kind of addicted to plain crackers. He thinks these will work just fine!

Homemade crackers!

And I’m just going to leave this cute bunny face here in case you need something to make you smile:

Willy the rabbit

I’ll be reporting back this weekend with the March wrap up! Come on weekend!

Craftiest weekend ever!

This week was absolutely beautiful, minus me being able to get a poison ivy rash all over myself. Ugh! But,this beautiful weather has awoken spring!

Garlic and rhubarb!
Crocus ready to bloom! 
Pretty eggs! 

And the chickens have been loving the warmer days! Today I grabbed 6 eggs out of the coop! (And I’m pretty proud that I can hold 6 eggs in one hand!)

Now on to the hobby weekend! The hubby was busy with his new forge banging on metal. He whipped out a couple bottle openers that were amazing!

Look at that hot metal! 

The boy was busy using the belt sander to whittle down sticks into gnome garden stakes. Then he painted them to be super gnome-like! I think he did great!


And I spent the weekend sewing lots and lots! A local store is going to carry some of my garden aprons! That’s super exciting! And these are a few that I have ready!

Garden aprons! 

And last but not least, the mister and I stained the birdhouse gourds and they will be available at our first craft fair as well! Yay! Now to finish working on a couple things for our February Goals Update!!

Extended weekends = extra work

Don’t you just love getting an extra day tacked on this weekend? I know that I do! Yay for President’s day! Last weekend was spent cleaning out an old beehive that didn’t make it through the winter.

Liquid gold! Aka honey

But this beautiful weekend has me scratching my head and wondering if spring could really be that close! My rhubarb is trying to make its appearance along with my garlic! And even my little crocus flowers want to come up!

The start of the crocus plant!

And since last week had the holiday Valentine’s Day, we kind of skipped out on that. I just don’t need a card or sweets or really anything extra to pollute this Earth. So, my smart hubby created me a nice card out of a lucky charms box. I’m telling you, I’ve got the type of husband that treats me like everyday is Valentine’s Day with his sweetness!

Look at that ♻️ heart!!!

All week long I kept finding sticky patches from honey all around the house and our home actually smelled like bees. I need to find the best way to melt down and clean the wax, but I’m new to all this! So, that will be another post!

Wax, a honey gift and our sellable size!

This week also was another dreaded day as a teacher and parent. Parent conference day! Most of the time I get to say only great things to parents about their children.But it’s not fun having to do the opposite of that as a teacher. Then, going as a parent to my middle school boy’s conferences. Oh my! He’s a great kid, but still figuring the whole middle school thing out. One great thing I learned is that he’s very musical. I already thought he was great, but hearing it from his band teacher made my day! 🥁

So, while I worked hard, my hubby took the boy and a friend to skyzone. He has been wanting to go for a while, so I’m loving the fact that he was able to make that happen! I love experience gifts instead of plastic garbage!

Slam dunk!

So, now for the rest of the weekend, I plan on sewing, crocheting and working so hard to finish all my orders! I’m beyond proud that people want my creations!

Personalized towels

Just don’t tell Sherman that I don’t plan on sleeping the weekend away!

He loves me!


Same old, same old!

You read that right! Same old things! We are enjoying the quiet days of winter, enjoying our harvest that were preserved from the summer and dreaming of summer! The mister surprised me with some popcorn seeds! I can’t wait to give that a try this summer in the garden! 

Strawberry popcorn

When the evenings are cold and I need a friend, old Sherman dog has no problem cuddling up! He’s such a sweet pup! 

Our cuddly pooch

And of course I have been spending time working on combining my crafting and homestead! I’m working on getting a custom logo made! It’s a load of work getting a business going!

I also picked up some super amazing vintage style fabric for some aprons. Then, I finally cleaned up my nightmare of a craft room. The holidays kind of turned it into a mess! 

Future aprons!
So nice and clean!!
Yogurt making!

I ended the weekend with some yogurt making! It turned out pretty yummy and I’ll do a whole post just on making this yumminess! Have a fantastic week!