February Goals update!

What a whirlwind this month has been, but in a good way! We are counting down the second to last nine weeks before our guy graduates. And we are finally hopping into many goals that we haven’t touched yet! Exciting!

1. Anniversary Plan!
Plan something to commemorate being married for 20 years! I was a whopping 20 when I got married. We were young and broke. I’d love to be able to celebrate this anniversary in a special way! No updates yet! But, we would love recommendations!

2. Can 100 jars- Last year we only canned tomato sauce, green beans and a couple pickles. This year, I’d like to do more! Nothing to can, yet! But, I’ll definitely be growing more jalapeños this year for tons of cowboy candy! (Candied/pickled jalapeños!) We have also been using up most of our tomato sauce!

3. Grow 1,000 pounds of food! I love a lofty goal and I hope to have extras in order to offset the chicken feed bill! We have tons of eggs at the moment, but also have harvested 2 whole ounces of broccoli from the greenhouse!

4. Make 20 quilted things this year! Last year I really got into quilting. (I inherited my Mom’s supplies!) I’m hoping to have many extras to sell! I made 2 small one piece baby quilts and I finally finished this beauty!

5. Get the bonus house ready to be rented! So, we got tired of looking at the neighbor’s house that has been abandoned for 10 years. So, we picked it up for a great price and now we need to fix it up! The electric is all fixed up and the outside is continuing to be tidied! Next up is a good bit of indoor work!

6. Go on a hike! This fall I taught outdoor school and hiked through the swamp daily. It reminded me how much I love hiking. Something about being outside and taking in nature. No hike this month. We need to be better next month!

7. Finish our own bathroom remodel. We have been working on our remodel for too long! All that is left is new flooring and a new sink. I don’t mind that they’re out of style, but they’ve been in rough shape for a while. The new floor is beautiful and now all that we need is a new sink!

I love this flooring!

8. 2023 in 2023! We did this minimalising challenge before, but we are hoping to do it again. It’s purging the house of 2,023 things over the course of the year. That’s almost 170 things per month! I cleaned out a kitchen cabinet when something fell out for the 100th time! We are closing in on that halfway mark already!

9. Grow mushrooms! I’m hoping to find newly fallen hardwood logs to inoculate. But, if not, I’ll find another way to grow some! I got logs and mushroom spawn! And we already inoculated the logs! Shittake and yellow oyster! See the short :

10. Grow something new! Last year I grew a couple new flower varieties and found out how delicious honey nut squash taste! This year, I’m hoping to grow something new to us! That sage and sweet marjoram are popping right up! The onions are growing tall too! I can’t wait to try other new to me plant varieties!

All new to me varieties. Don’t mind that nose hole. 

11. Start a YouTube! I’m kind of nervous about this one. I’m not sure if my tech skills are up to par, but I’m going to give it a try! Between baking sourdough, making rugs, raising chickens and greenhouse growing, I’ll be looking forward to sharing our progress! This is one that I’m super proud of! I have a whopping 40 subscribers! And I have made several shorts and 2 whole videos! Like this one, where I’m putting sugar patties on the bee hives!

Putting sugar stores on the hives

12. Date a month! This is a fun goal. Like I stated above, we’ve been married quite a while. I’m looking forward to planning to do more fun things together. We are guilty of not doing that enough. For February we are counting our time sitting together, inoculating mushroom logs and chatting about future plans our date! We also enjoy working out at the gym as time together too!

13. Make 50 flower arrangements! I love growing and arranging flowers. And, I love sharing their beauty with others! Come on Spring! 

I enjoy watching the process that we make with goals! Anyone else have a few and crushing them? I hope that you all include growing something in your plans!

Keep blooming 😊


2 thoughts on “February Goals update!

  1. Love it
    1. Finally got around to growing a few plants! We’ve been patient and waiting for the right time. Now that they’re getting big and healthy, we can move on to the next goal!

    2. Finally got around to improving our home’s electrical system! It’s been a long journey and we’re so excited to be ready for guests!

    3. Finally completed our remodel! We are so excited to be done with it and able to live in our new home!

    4. Finally completed our first overseas trip! It was a lot of work, but it was worth it! We saw some amazing places and got to know some great people!

    5. Finally got
    Eamon O’Keeffe


    • Great goals! And thanks for sharing! I’m glad that you got your electrical needs taken care of too! Not fun, but I’m glad to have that accomplished! And a big yay for plants and traveling!!!


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