I laminated something!

As a teacher, you’d think that I’m talking about sandwiching something between two layers of plastic. But, I don’t use that kind of lamination. I’m talking about laminating sourdough!

So, what is laminated dough? It is the layering of butter and dough to create the flaky layers. Perfect for croissants! Here’s how mine turned out. (By the way, this is a couple day process. So, patience grasshopper!)

First up was making the dough
After making a butter pat, I folded the dough around it. And then fold it into thirds. (then put in the fridge and rerolled 3 times in all)
After rolling and folding into thirds three times with resting in between, cut into triangles. You can see the layers!
Rolled and stretched into crescents
After proofing for 4 hours, into the oven they go!
After baking for 20 minutes at 425 degrees!
Lots of layers!
Here’s my chicken scratched recipe that I pulled from a couple recipes!

This weekend was spent baking so much sourdough everything! I hope that you have a great week! Keep blooming!

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