Propagating plants! Indoor plant living!

It’s still too cold to do much outside, plant-wise. However, I’m working on propagating tons of plants around here!

First up, the African Violet! I have to start with a backstory! My mom loved growing them when I was a kid. However, she was raising 3 kids who played way too rough in the house. Therefore, they rarely survived after falling off of the shelf daily! So, here I am as an adult cutting off leaves, and watching them grow into beautiful little plants. The universe is strange! And I’m sorry Mom!😆

African violet a couple months after putting the leaf in soil
Those little baby leaves!! ❤️

I also still have my little succulent gourd planter growing from propagated pieces of my plants! You just shove the little “leaves” into the soil and let them root!

They all seem happy. So far!

My mom gave me a basket of all kinds of indoor plants. So, I clipped off the end of the pothos and made lots of little baby plants!

Pothos growing roots in water! Grow babies grow!
Little roots!!!

I also clipped off the top of the dragon plant and hopefully it will reroot! And, I divided the beautiful rattlesnake plant! (It took me a while to identify what those plants are!)

Dragon plant cutting in water!
I love the leaves on this beautiful rattlesnake plant!

I officially was put on break from school due to the Coronavirus. So, I guess I will be chilling here with my plants and family. I’m hoping to get some seeds started and get into the garden. Anyone else off work for who knows how long?!

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