Life has been busy! (But, so have I!)

Hello! I have had a long break from posting! I wish I could say that I’ve been off on adventures or vacationing. Instead, I have been spending lots of time with a loved one who has been in the hospital and not feeling well. I must admit that the waiting room in the hospital is pretty nice!

While in Baltimore, it was a quick drive over to MPT to be interviewed for the teacher of the year gala! It was a fun experience and it was so neat to have a behind the scenes view!

Since I have only been home about a week this month, I have a lot of weeding to do around here! So, here is my before picture of the garden. It will look so much better weed free!

My Mr. has been working hard on the yard to garden conversion! The space is being utilized so much better than just a patch of grass!

The butterfly weed is putting off the most beautiful blooms right now! (And the pollinators have been enjoying it too!)

Our little free library has been having a nice amount of visitors!! Plus, I have been excited to receive so many free books to put in there! Keep reading this summer kids!!

Last night I had a great moment! While working on bringBig mulch to the garden, I spotted a monarch caterpillar on the butterfly weed! So, monarch raising has officially started!

June has been a blur of running all over the state and finishing up the school year. But, there have also been lots of good moments too!

Keep blooming friends! 🌸❤️

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