Our little free library opened!

We checked another goal off for the year! We wanted to make a a little free library that our neighborhood could enjoy and encourage my students to read extra over the summer!

So, last weekend we finally opened up our library with a little get together.

My husband completely constructed it himself. Parts of it is made from upcycled barn wood and I love the personal touches that he added to it! It has a hand forged handle and dog leash holder.

At our little get together I made cupcakes, some kettle corn and had some drinks too. We had a place to drop off books and a couple people swung by to get some books and look at the seeds inside. (We have a seed swap box and a small container of dog bones for people walking their pups!)

My niece was the grand opener of the library! She is named after my sister and that is who the library is in memory of. Her Aunt, my sister, was a reader. She loved reading and she always was giving me books to read. (She didn’t understand why I didn’t love reading as much as her!)

I also made a book pillow as a giveaway! It was really easy to make and I’m hoping that the winner loves it!

So many books dropped off!

After wrapping up the party, I saw a message about a swarm of bees nearby that someone needed out of their tree. It was pretty close by and I’m happy to say that we were able to get them!

The bees have since been moved into a full sized hive and they are building comb fast! It was a good sized swarm!

Last weekend was memorable and I’m glad that I was able to provide a little extra something for my neighbors and enjoy time with family and friends!

Happy almost weekend and keep blooming! 🌸❤️

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