Becoming debt free!

Oh goodness, I’m blogging about money. So taboo for some reason! But, here goes!

Remember how last year we focused on not spending? We did a good job of keeping our debt snowball rolling. Well, rewind back to March of 2015, I would have laughed if you told me that I could be anywhere near debt free (including our mortgage!) by 2020. But we did the best first step of sitting down and writing out our bills and where our money went back then. So basically before this time, we paid our bills in a timely manner. But, we didn’t have a whole lot extra and made minimal payments.

We found out how much those quick trips to dollar general or a “run” into the grocery store were really costing us. We saw how much money we spent on eating out and buying soda. It was crazy! So, we starting slowly working on our debt. We paid off our car. Then, we worked on both of our orthodontics. Next up was paying off the truck.

This year, we are going to be attempting to pay off the rest of the loan for our solar panels and we will be doing extra patents to hopefully pay off the house.

So now on with the how. We did the smart thing of when we pay off one debt, we put that amount onto the next debt to pay it off sooner. And then on to the next. And last will be the mortgage. We will also:

Keep crafting and putting the money that we make towards our debts

Continue to pack our lunches and have no problem with eating leftovers.

Make our own snacks and avoid visiting the grocery store to pick up extras. (And make our own meals too!)

We will keep gardening and saving money by saving our own seeds.

We will keep growing our own food to save a few bucks in the summer. Plus preserve the rest for decent food in the winter.

We will keep composting and feeding extras to our chickens to give us extra food for the garden and yummy eggs for us!

We will also try to buy second hand when possible. Plus, fixing, mending and upcycling when possible.

So, do you have goals when it comes to your finances? If not, pull out those bills, take a deep breath and find out where your money is going!

And if you do have some goals, or other ways of saving, please share!

4 thoughts on “Becoming debt free!

  1. Paying off our mortgage. We became debt free in 2011. We had no other debt besides the mortgage, until I hit a family of deer, totalling my car. I got a new car and paid it off in 8mths. Earlier ladt year, I realized I did not need a large SUV anymore. So I sold it and used the money to pay cash for a brand new vehicle. I have NEVER written a check for that amount. It wasn’t extravagant but it was mine outright! The leftover money was sent to the mortgage company.
    We spent the majority of our money on extra paymwnts to the mortgage last year. We paid $25k extra. We are not extravagant people. We have no kids. Live a quiet but nice life. We want for nothing, except a cat with no attitude. Ha! Now our focus is paying off the mortgage. We will live on one salary this year and my salary will pay off the mortgage. I make more than my husband but bc I hold the insurance etc-take home is less than him. We can do this. It is just daunting at the moment.

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    • It seems like we have similar thinking! We don’t want for anything, and too are not extravagant. I don’t understand the need for expensive things. I’m happy with our life. And as for the attitude free cat, good luck! 😆 keep pushing on! You’ve got this!


  2. I am just starting my debt free journey and I am somewhat excited. I am ready to say I have no more debt. Right now I am up to $33,000 and setting a goal of 24 months to pay it off. I am thinking positive and finding any money I can do pay it all off. Congrats on paying off most of your debt!


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