Busy but back!

We have been crafting and Blacksmithing every hour of the day that we have had available for weeks to prepare for a craft show. It’s the main one that we do, so we wanted to have a decent selection!


Our little bit of everything! 

We almost sold out of the different forged items that the Mr. made!


All kinds of handles! 


Railroad spike pulls 


Business card holder


Park bench business card holders 

And I managed to make a few different items this time too!


Luffa soap 


Beeswax lipbalm 


Crocheted cotton dishcloths 

We also sold some of our homegrown goodness!


Birdhouse gourds and glass gem corn 

And if you are looking to win some of the seeds from plants that we loved growing this year, head over to the homestead Facebook page and take a chance!


Giving away on Facebook until the end of the month! 

This weekend is dedicated to finishing up our son’s Halloween costume! Hopefully he will be the best looking 5’ 6 inch jawa!

Keep blooming friends! 🌱💚🌸

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