We found Paw Paws!!

One of our goals here is to get Paw Paw trees growing. Last year we cold stratified seeds from October into the new year. Then, after being planted for quite a while, a couple seeds sprouted!


Paw paw seed


First leaves 


Tiny tree! 

Obviously, it’s going to be quite some time before we get a paw paw grown here! Therefore, we went out paw paw hunting! I knew what the leaves looked like online, so that’s what we looked for first. They have a very large, almost tropical looking leaf:


Several Paw Paw trees

Then, we were able to spot the fruit. It is definitely more of a wild looking edible:


2 Paw Paws


Several fruits

After a few shakes, we had a couple Paw Paws to try:


An interesting fruit with huge seeds! 

So, how was it?!? My husband and I liked it. Our son, not so much. It had a creamy consistency with a somewhat tropical flavor. I thought it tasted like a melon/banana/ and something else we couldn’t describe.

We are now even more excited about getting our own fruit from our trees now! If you have tasted one before, how would you describe the taste?


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