Wednesday walk through the garden 7/11/18

I know, I know, it’s Thursday! But, all of the pictures were taken yesterday as I walked through the big garden searching for the fruits of my labor! Things are slowly growing, and I’m hopeful that I’m going to have some pretty great harvests in the future!


Homestead tomatoes


Tiny Tennessee dancing gourd


Purple pole beans


Glass gem corn


Pie pumpkin


Tiny cantaloupe 


Purple bell peppers


Oxheart tomatoes ❤️


Roma tomatoes


My first cucumber! 


Genovese tomatoes


Scarlet runner beans

And then there is my nice little harvest from earlier in the week:


Zucchini for every meal!😆

Everything is still pretty healthy in the garden! I’ve been fighting off Japanese beetles, a few squash bugs and Mexican bean beetles. That’s the tough part with organic gardening… finding ways to get rid of the pests that are going after your crops. At least the chickens are enjoying all of the beetles that I’m pulling off of the plants!

So, anyone harvesting yummy things this week?! Keep blooming friends! 🌱💚

2 thoughts on “Wednesday walk through the garden 7/11/18

  1. My beans are under a lot of stress and inundated with the Mexican Bean Beetle! However, this has been my best year yet!!!! Getting ready to plant my second seeding of beans, I love canned green beans in the Winter from my garden. A little piece of Summer in a jar. I, too, garden organically, so just let things fall as they may and I plant a little extra for the bugs!


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