Expanding the garden!

We are already thinking about the 2018 gardening season and how to improve our soil, because I don’t think that our soil could ever be too healthy! There is a nice area between the garden and the sheds that I would love to turn into more garden.


More garden! 

Here is exactly what I have in mind:


A girl can dream, right? 

Well, the Mr decided to help me get started on this idea! He worked on tilling the area, while I picked out some rocks and planted rye and wheat cover crop seeds.


Tilling away! 

And now we are waiting for the seeds to sprout and we will have nice green manure for the garden in the spring!


Finished for now! (And yes that’s a chicken finding crickets!) 

And since it’s Wednesday, I decided to share a few gardening pictures too!


Last night’s harvest! 


Strawberry popcorn that we grew! 


A preview of our sweet potatoes


Beautiful sunflower! 


My first hybrid zucchini/pumpkin


Zucchini cake made from the franken-fruit above! 

This week is moving at a turtle’s pace and I can’t wait for it to be over. I need a nice weekend to recover from my busy week! Keep on trying to bloom where you are planted!!💚

5 thoughts on “Expanding the garden!

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    • I wish that we had more access to manure and compost! And it’s so cold here in the winter (and we get literally feet of snow) so we can’t do winter crops. I’d love to see your garden in person one day!! 😊


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