Walk through Wednesday 9/23

Wow! My garden is looking pretty empty at this point! The tomatoes are finishing up, as well as the cucumbers, squash and the beans!

Howver, we are lucky that the girls are still laying lots of eggs! You can definitely tell that I have many breeds of chickens!

Look at that pretty blue one!

Look at that pretty blue one!

Like I said before, the garden is slowly fizzling out! But, I was able to harvest all of this yumminess plus a handful of green beans!

Not much to harvest!

Not much to harvest!

The zucchini here is doing some strange growing! I’m not sure if it’s because of the changes in temperatures or what, but they are very skinny! Very strange!

Skinny squash!

Skinny squash!

We have already collected around 10 pumpkins, but there are some little tiny ones still growing on the vines. I should probably pinch them off because they won’t have enough time to grow, but I’m going to let them go and see what happens!

Baby pumpkin!

Baby pumpkin!

I am assuming that most people are wondering what in the world I’m going to do with so many pumpkins. Well, the hens love them! Here is what is left of one that I gave them!

What's left!

What’s left!

Every week I wonder if it will be the last walk through the garden Wednesday! So, I guess we will see!

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